Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Serengeti NP, Tanzania - Day 4

Very close...
We headed to the eastern side of the park today, where we’d seen the wildebeest migration the previous February.  The wildebeest had long passed through and had just crossed into Kenya, so the guides didn’t reckon it was worth it. 
Flamingoes at Lake Magadi
But we still managed to have some nice sightings, including a pride of lions with cubs, a big male lion a bit too close for comfort, 2 leopards in the distance and some bat-eared foxes – not a bad haul for a morning drive!
Unusual sighting - leopards letting a warthog go by!
After spending the morning near Moru Koppies, it was time to head back to the Seronera River. 

Male lion in the middle of the day

We managed to take a wrong turn and ended up doing a big loop, but we still had a nice close up with a male lion under a tree, we watched a lioness hunt and successfully chase down a gazelle (unfortunately too far and quick for photos) and spotted a leopard in a tree... not bad for an unintentional detour...

After our detour, it was back to the Seronera River for the evening game drive.  Leopards in trees seemed to be the order of the day... out of the 6 (yes 6!) leopards we saw today, 5 of them were up trees, climbing up or jumping down...  
Some good photos, but every sighting was very cool...  But the highlight was the leopard that we had waited 2 days for... it was like he was waiting for us to arrive before he climbed down in lovely evening light. 
Spotted hyena
A pretty good day for leopards... and a bonus was that we spotted 2 cheetahs as well on the way back to camp!
Leopard in evening light

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