Friday, 31 August 2012

Serengeti NP, Tanzania - Day 6

Serengeti sunset
Our final morning in the Serengeti, and we decided to head out via Moru Koppies – a road less travelled and therefore not as corrugated ;) We did get a quick glimpse of a leopard near Lake Magadi, but otherwise the drive was uneventful and we got to Simba Koppies in no time, which gave us some time to look around there before heading out. 
Lion cubs
And it paid off almost immediately, with a lioness on the rocks along with her 2 cubs.  Leaving them for a while, we carried on and soon found a cheetah at the dried waterhole – far away, but great to see another spotted cat!  Deciding to head out to the gate, we passed by the lions again – good call, because there were now 3 lionesses and 6 cubs!  A great way to end our Serengeti trip!
Fisher's lovebirds
We finally arrived at the gate about lunchtime, and after doing the necessary paperwork, drove to the nearby campsite for lunch before the long slog back to Arusha.  
Thompson's gazelle drinking
We didn’t make the town by nightfall, so stayed over in Karatu, just outside the Ngorongoro Crater gate, and spent an interesting night chatting to a Swiss woman that was travelling alone down Africa with only a dog for company!  A big police trained Belgian shepherd for protection, but still amazing - the people you meet travelling! 

The next morning it was to Moshi where we met up with Ngomi to make sure our car was going to survive the trip – turned out it was a handbrake problem, and we didn’t have a problem travelling down to Dar without a handbrake ;) 
Our campsite for the 5 days in Serengeti
Leaving Moshi around lunch, we made it down to Pangani River Camp near Same, on Ngomi’s recommendation.  We had a nice evening chatting to a South African couple and even spotting a bushbaby on the tree in the campsite – a very cool sighting to end with... 
Back to Dar es Salaam traffic...
Next morning the trip back to Dar was slow but uneventful and we soon hit the Dar traffic back into town.  A few initial hiccups with Kili, but the car performed really well on its first long road trip.  Plenty of great sightings and hopefully some good photos – Serengeti delivers again!

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