Sunday, 6 January 2008

Moremi - Day 10

Sunset over Nata Sanctuary
A touch of sadness to the morning with it being the last day.  Soon it will be looking out for cows, not elephants; donkeys and goats, not lions and hyenas on the road.  We took our time in packing up, first spending a bit of time in the roof tent, just enjoying the scenery before hitting the road.  700km later and we’re back in Gaborone, the trip done, except for the unpacking.

It’s been an unbelievable experience – our first trip together into the unknown for both of us, and alone.  So many said that Dru was mad for even considering it, yet we did it, and did it well we both think.  Everything just slotted into place, making for a once in a life time experience, but one which we both intend to repeat…

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Moremi - Day 9

View of Sua Pan
We were up relatively early and it was basically breakfast, shower, pack up what little there was out and head to the Nata Bird Sanctuary.  Breakfast was good- sliced kebab on provitas with cheese spread.  As close to a cooked breakfast as you can get without cooking it.  Pierre arrived during the making of it, and wanted to know all about Australia.  Dru was like a tour guide promoting down under ;)

Friday, 4 January 2008

Moremi - Day 8

Woke up to the alarm instead of the baboons this morning at 7am.  We wanted to be at Riley’s workshop at 8am to get the car checked out.  Of course, the sound had already gone by then and the brakes felt fine, but rather safe than sorry.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Moremi - Day 7

Last night we had great luck with the hyena – we set up the camera and video and waited in the roof tent with the flashlight.  And sure enough, he was there – probably it had something to do with the bones from the t-bones we had.  He was a little bit shy with the light and took off a couple of times but kept coming back, so got some nice shots.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Moremi - Day 6

As uneventful as yesterday was, today was adrenalin pumping!

Went through to Xakanaxa, or at least to the airstrip near there.  The plan was to head to the Xakanaxa camp, dump our rubbish and then take a drive to Hippo Pools.  Got to the airstrip just as a family of 4 flew in to start their safari.  We dumped our garbage there and then headed on the South Gate road to Hippo pools (the other road – Paradise drive, was flooded so it was blocked off).  We hadn’t seen much so far in the morning, a steenbok, couple of Lechwe and some giraffes.  The highlight was spotting a Malachite Kingfisher at the 4th bridge crossing.  We were a bit concerned about the crossing with all the rain in the past day, but we didn’t have any problems.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Moremi - Day 5

Moremi sunset
Woke up late on New Year’s Day – the baboons had already gone, which was good.  Breakfast of muffins and bananas, and then the plan was to head back on the road to South Gate and explore that area.  Quick check of the neighbourhood and then headed to the ablutions to fill up the water cans.  And there we met up with Doug – one of the guys from the campsite next door – seems like him and his wife, Marion, are the only English couple out of the convoy.