Sunday, 12 June 2011

Beach weekend

White sands and warm water...
We haven't been away over the weekend for a while, and since it was my birthday on Saturday, we decided to try to head out somewhere.  Of course, without having a car (our search for a new 4x4 continues extremely slowly!) our options were limited.  So we decided to head down to Kigomboni, or South Beach as it's known. 

It's only about 20km from the centre of Dar, but you need to cross the harbour mouth with a ferry, something that can take almost 2 hours if you catch it at the wrong time.  But that's if you're queueing with a car - we decided to just grab a taxi from home to the ferry, cross and then grab a taxi on the other side to our favourite spot - Kipepeo Beach Resort.

Good timing (the ferry was about to leave just as we arrived) and we were booking into Kipepeo in no time.
We like this place best because it's a lot more chilled out than some of the neighbouring resorts.  Instead of big concrete hotels on the beach and loud music blaring, the accommodation is either camping, or staying in a beach banda - basically a pole and thatch room with a mossie net, a fan and a communal ablution block.  Perfect if you don't need much luxury.  And the restaurant is pretty good, with a couple of local dishes on offer.

The whole stretch of beach is awesome though - those white sands and turquoise ocean, one of the best I've seen so far along the coast, and comparable to Kendwa in Zanzibar.  So we spent the weekend chilling out under the thatch A-frames right on the beach, reading, and swimming in lovely, warm water. 

A great and relaxing weekend, that gives you the feeling you've been on a fantastic beach holiday, but one that's only about 30 km from home!

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