Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sri Lanka - July 2014

Fighting elephants

We headed to Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks in July, to see friends and family. This time we didn't do the trip around the country like the previous year, spending quite a bit of time in Colombo, but we did take some time out to go check out the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, the 2nd capital of Sri Lanka.  We also checked one of the National parks nearby, called Minneriya, which is home to some nice herds of elephants.  This post is just a few photos of the elephants and birds we saw in the area.

Elephant feeding
Family herd 
Young bulls fighting

Flying pea-hen

Red-backed woodpecker

Jerdon's cholopsis
Brown-headed barbet

Rosy-ringed parrot

Pompadour green pigeon

Purple-rumped sunbird

Brown-headed barbet with berries

Black-headed oriole

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