Sunday, 11 August 2013

Selous GR - Day 4

African skimmer

Our final morning was planned to see if we could catch the hyenas again.  Unfortunately it was not to be and after hanging out and around at the den for a while, we gave up and went to check out what else was around.   

Black headed oriole

Since we were still harbouring secret hopes of catching the wild dogs (they hadn't been seen in a while, but Selous is famous for them) we went off the main road away from the river as they'd sometimes been seen in that area.  
Malachite kingfisher

But the wild dogs of Selous still elude us, and so after stopping for a quick breakfast, it was time to head out of Selous game reserve and start the long trek back to Dar.

Young elephant
After a few stops outside the gate to check on a few other potential campsites and accommodation options, we drove the 250 km back to Dar and were back in time to unload the car and start checking our photos before it got dark.  
Lions in the sun

A successful trip especially in terms of lions, and nice to see the park in the dry season.  Will we be back?  Of course ;)

Birds seen on the trip:

* First time sightings

Southern ground hornbill
White-fronted bee-eater
White-browed sparrow-weaver
Spurwing lapwing
African spoonbill
Yellow-billed stork
White-fronted lapwing
Egyptian goose
African openbill
White-faced whistling duck
African fish eagle
Great egret
Little egret
Hadada Ibis
Water thickknee
Emerald-spotted wooddove
Lilac-breasted roller
Red-billed oxpecker
African grey hornbill
Crowned plover
Grey go-away bird
Pied kingfisher
Helmeted guineafowl
Hooded vulture
African jacana
Goliath heron
African harrier-hawk
Pearl-spotted owlet
Crested barbet
Village indigobird
Blacksmith lapwing
Sacred Ibis
Grey heron
Striated heron
Von den Decken’s hornbill
Fork-tailed drongo
Squacco heron
Cattle egret
Senegal lapwing *
Striped kingfisher
African skimmer
Black-headed heron
Collared palm-thrush
Common bulbul
Bohm’s bee-eater *
White-crested helmet-shrike
African hoopoe
Malachite kingfisher
Black egret
Grey-headed kingfisher
Three-banded plover
Black-headed oriole
Swallow-tailed bee-eater

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