Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sri Lanka - Colombo

The main religion in Sri Lanka is Buddhism and can be seen everywhere
We had a few days in the biggest city of Sri Lanka, Colombo. (Unknown to most, the captial is actually Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, a bit of a mouthful!)  
For the few days before we headed to Yala National Park, it was all about catching up with friends and family.  

Some I'd seen before, some veggies were new to me
And an introduction for me to the food.  I've never eaten curry for breakfast, but I did for most of our time in Sri Lanka.  The food is really good, plenty of unusual (for me) vegetables along with fish and chicken.

Buddhist statues at the Sima Malak meditation centre
The country is predominantly Buddhist (about 70%) with Hinduism at about 15% of the population, and Christianty and Islam equally making up the rest.  

One of the many stupas or dagobas we saw on our trip
And you see this all across the country, with statues of Buddha and dagobas all around, along with the intricately decorated Hindu kovils.

An elephant with keeper at the Gangaramaya temple
While in Colombo, we visited Sima Malak meditation centre & the Gangaramaya temple.  It was pretty interesting, especially with a live elephant there...

The Hindu kovils are very detailed in design
And couldn't not stop and take a couple of photos of a particularly colourful kovil in Colombo...
With roots in Hinduism, often there's a Hindu god depicted at a buddhist temple

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