Friday, 1 March 2013

Tanzania Dreaming - Part7: Back to Dar via Lushoto

Shopping on route Leshoto.
Next destination is the cooler hills of Lushoto. The drive from Moshi is an easy cruise to the town of Mombo where you turn right and climb up the hills to Soni. The climate cools down and the vegetation changes with every foot of the climb it seems. 

Our destination is Irente Farm Lodge, a functional farm with accommodation and a great campsite. The climate is cool and welcome relief after days in the dust and heat. The farm itself is quiet and part of a mission to save indigenous trees. It’s set in the Usambura Mountains which is part of the Eastern Arc Mountains and a unique ecosystem on its own. It’s a biodiversity hot spot with a high occurrence of endemism. Other than for a few hornbills and olive pigeons we were not able to locate any endemic birds but it’s still a great place to chill out. The Irinta view point is a must visit and there is a lodge set up which is perfect for sundowners.  

Irinta Farm Lodge is a perfect spot with self contained and camping accommodation options. 
On our last day of the road trip we decided to check out the mountain forests above Leshoto. The cool mountains above Leshoto were used by both German and English in colonial times to get away from the heat of the lower plains. The mountain roads are not all passable but the main road is in good condition. There are still parts of virgin Montane forests and planted eucalyptus and pine woods. Mullers lodge is a German homestead handed down over the years and still in pristine condition with accommodation and meals. The gardens are full of fruit trees and flowers and perfect spot for a cool get away from the heat. 
Muller's lodge is worth a visit in the cool mountains above Lushota
After days on the road, finally we packed up for the last time and headed to Dar. It’s been an awesome Tanzanian experience taking in the major attractions. Tanzania has so much on offer and while we covered the major tourist attractions, so much more remains to be explored. With 7 world heritage sites on offer and wildlife experiences from the greatest migration on earth to one of the few places on earth to experience chimpanzees in the wild, it’s obvious why Tanzania is top holiday destination in the world. 

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